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WWE Money In The Bank 2021- Quick Results & Thoughts

Kick-Off- The Usos def. The Mysterios to win the Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Nikki ASH won the Women's MITB Ladder Match

AJ Styles & Omos def. Viking Raiders to retain the Raw Tag Team Championship

Bobby Lashley def. Kofi Kingston to retain the WWE Championship

Charlotte Flair def. Rhea Ripley to win the Raw Women's Championship

Big E won the Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Roman Reigns def. Edge to retain the Universal Championship

After the main event, John Cena returned after 16 months away to confront Roman Reigns


Thought it was a really great PPV.

Even the Kickoff match with Usos vs. Mysterios was top notch, one of the better Kickoff matches I can recall. Annoyed that Jimmy Uso got a title right after getting a DUI, I think that's the 2nd time. I've seen people saying that they're not punishing Jimmy for the sake of the Reigns storyline, which feels like a copout. Things were just fine with Reigns and Main Event Jey, that fucking criminal Jimmy doesn't add a thing.

Women's MITB was fun. As soon as Alexa unveiled the return of her glorious shorts, albeit a dark version, I knew it'd be a good time. Actually thought the finish was creative and Nikki's win was a shocker. I think Liv or Zelina would have been better winners (Liv's current storyline & Zelina was feuding with Belair before she got fired) but I'll give Nikki a chance.

AJ/Omos vs. Viking Raiders was great. That was as close as I've seen Viking Raiders look to their NJPW self, and they looked like a million bucks against AJ. Omos' involvement was planned and executed really well.

Lashley vs. Kofi. So Kofi got murdered. We'll always have WM35. Great to see Lashley use the actual Dominator instead of that off the shoulder version too.

Charlotte vs. Rhea was MOTN to that point. From "We Want Becky" to "This Is Awesome" is proof of that. Not overly thrilled with Charlotte winning again after running through Ripley at WM36, but I can't deny the outstanding match quality.

Men's MITB was ridiculous. Lived up to the potential given the talent involved. Non-stop action, a crazy Ricochet spot, Owens took a massive bump, and the victory of Big E felt like he ARRIVED. The crowd certainly treated him like a massive deal in victory.

Roman vs. Edge was a masterclass. Edge loses nothing through the way he showed heart in overcoming the early beating and clearly having Reigns beat before the involvement of Rollins. Reigns also deserves credit for his heel work- through his beatdown of Edge and little mannerisms, he turned what was a slightly mixed crowd into all pro Edge. Edge did his thing too with his excellent facial expressions. Two masters of their craft.

Just when I was thinking people set their expectations too high expecting big returns like Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar... John Cena's music hit. What a fucking pop! I was getting ready to say the crowd hadn't really been all in through the whole show, they more than gave this major moment the response it deserves.

As of right now we have for Summerslam:

Mega Face Cena vs. Mega Heel Reigns

Edge vs. Rollins 7 years in the making

WWE are definitely getting their shit together. 9/10 show for me.


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