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About Me

My name's Mick, and I started The Arena as a little site/blog in 2016. It was dedicated to two of my passions- pro wrestling and MMA (UFC). 

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In 2018, I started to get more into the Aussie independent pro wrestling scene, in particular Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA). From there I attended shows on a monthly basis, writing reviews of the events I attended. My thinking was simple- I believe the Aussie product is world-class, and if my writing could do anything to promote the scene and get more eyes on it, then I would be a happy man.

In addition to my work on The Arena Media, I have also previously published reviews/articles on Snap Mayors Media, and recently my work has been shared on With ring announcer/commentator Lord Andy Coyne and PWA commentator Andrew Rose, I have participated in preview shows for the inaugural PWA Premiership, and a press conference for PWA's LFG show at the UNSW Roundhouse.

Who's Behind The Blog
Image of Mick Robson, founder of The Arena Media

Mick Robson is a freelance writer from Australia. A lifelong fan of pro wrestling and MMA, he endeavours to bring that passion through his coverage in news, reviews and opinion pieces.

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