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My Blog and Me

Not going to go into detail here, the main points about

me are in the side-bar. I love my job, I love my down time,

I spend most of it either watching Netflix, WWE Network

or playing the PS4. Even though I'm a fan of some highly

talented athletes, I don't have an athletic bone in my body.

This blog is about pro wrestling (WWE/AEW) and UFC. Yes, I know there's wrestling and MMA outside the big promotions, but honestly I have little time to watch anything else with the amount the big boys put out. The lone exception to that is the Aussie wrestling scene- more specifically NSW. If there's a major news story outside of the major promotions and my local scene, I'll try and cover it, but don't expect my usual expert opinion.

Who's Behind The Blog
Image of Mick Robson, founder of The Arena Media

Mick Robson is a freelance writer from Australia. He loves pro wrestling and MMA and enjoys performing karaoke on weekends (even though he probably shouldn't). He's been watching WWE since he was 8 and UFC since he was 12. 

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