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The 2021 WWE Draft- More Brand Switches In Supplementary Draft

While this year's WWE Draft kicked off on this past week on Smackdown, with four rounds of picks taking place on the FOX broadcast, WWE made more roster moves after the show, revealed on Talking Smack/through social media. Most of the changes featured wrestlers in the lower midcard- although the nature of the draft could see some of these stars get an enhanced position going forward.

The draft picks are as follows:

Drafted To Raw

- Nia Jax

- John Morrison

- WWE 24/7 Champion Reggie

- R-Truth

- T-Bar

- Akira Tozawa

- Doudrop

- Zelina Vega

- Alpha Academy (Otis & Chad Gable)

- Apollo Crews & Commander Azezz

Drafted To Smackdown

- Aliyah

- Drew Gulak

- Mace

- Mansoor

- Mustafa Ali

- Toni Storm

Thoughts: Much like the first night of the Draft, the vast majority of this was consolidating existing rosters. I wish they would just stick with the changes being announced rather than throwing everyone into a free agency pool. So much of this is just "alright, these people are staying right where they are!"

The biggest takeaway for me here is the NXT call-up of Aliyah. Aliyah has been around NXT since 2015, featuring on Breaking Ground, and hasn't really done much since then apart from a somewhat recent alignment with the Robert Stone Brand. Time will tell if she can do much on the main roster- I could see her character aligned with Carmella for a Mean Girls kind of thing.

Also, the splitting of T-Bar & Mace. I'd love to see Dominik Dijakovic & Dio Maddin get their names back as a result of this and kill off the last remnants of Retribution. It was a failed experiment, let it die.


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