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Review of PWA x MCW Colosseum (Night 2)

By Mick Robson

Here we go! The collaboration between PWA and MCW reaches its second night, as Night 2 of Colosseum invades the spiritual home of MCW, the Thornbury Theatre! I did note in my Night 1 review that the turnout at the Croxton Bandroom could have been better, but the lack of numbers was made up for by the passion and energy of those in attendance. Also, if you missed that review and need to catch up on where we're at and why Colosseum is such a big deal, click here.

I'm writing this review the day after the day after the show. Had an amazing weekend in Melbourne that, in addition to wrestling fan shenanigans, also included Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Princess Theatre on Saturday afternoon, a visit to the PAX gaming convention on Sunday, and a very messy post-Colosseum drinking session that began at the Thornbury Taphouse and made its way over to a random club until the early hours of the morning. An amazing time was had, but recovery is needed, and what better way to recover than to re-live it again now on FITE?

Let's do this!


The FITE broadcast opens with a "In Memory Of" for Melbourne-based ring announcer Bassem Abousaid. I wasn't familar with his work, but from all the posts I've seen and people I've spoken to over the weekend, the consensus was that he was an absolute gentleman, a hard worker who was extremely passionate about Australian wrestling. Condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Lindsay Howarth is our ring announcer this evening, and he delivers the acknowledgement of country.

The opening video airs hyping the Colosseum tournament, highlighting the past winners Mick Moretti & Matty Wahlberg (NXT's Grayson Waller). The fight for the Cobalt Steel sword, the symbol of excellence in Aussie professional wrestling, is here!

Match 1: Colosseum Tournament Semi-Final- Jessica Troy vs. Robbie Eagles

Jessica enters the arena wearing her MCW Women's Championship belt. Andrew Rose and Kris Gale check in, noting that commentary teams will switch through the night for some MCW-based matches. They also highlight the battles that Eagles and Troy had last night against Charli Evans and Punchdrunk Istria respectively.

Jess goes for the arm early, fighting for the Fujiwara armbar, but Robbie scrambles to the ropes. A frustrated Eagles pie-faces Troy, who absolutely rocks him back with a vicious forearm! The speed and intensity picks up- Robbie with his trademark springboard arm drag, and Jess responds by running the ropes and hitting a rana. She follows up with an Arabian arm drag and a seated Meteora, but the first pin attempt of the contest only gets a 1 count. Great exhibition of technical skill and speed from both here.

Robbie counters an arm drag attempt into a basement dropkick, sending Jess rolling to ringside. Eagles goes for a dive but Jess moves, and Robbie fakes out the dive with a pretty backflip back into the middle of the ring. He's shaking his arm out as he does it, though...

Back in the ring, Robbie starts attacking the leg of Jess, working towards his Ron Miller Special submission. Brief moment of hope for Jess as she reverses an attack into a sunset flip for a 2 count- but Robbie immediately drops her again with a dropkick to the knee. Robbie ups the aggression with some Yes Kicks, which the crowd doesn't like. He sets Jess up in the corner for a 619 to the legs, but Jess jumps it and starts to come back, but Robbie avoids a kick and hits a 619 to the standing leg. So evenly matched!

They battle on the apron, but Jess is able to kick Robbie off, and then she scores with a tope suicida! Soon after, a Meteora to the back of Eagles' head gets a near fall. She's building momentum, and hits a massive tilt-a-whirl headscissors into the Fujiwara armbar in center ring! After a mighty struggle, Robbie makes the ropes. Jess goes for a crucifix pin, Robbie blocks it, so Jess scores with a brainbuster! Near fall. After a sunset flip counter, Robbie returns fire with a Sliced Bread! An exhausted Eagles and Troy are down, and eventually get to their knees to start trading strikes. Then they trade pin attempts to give the ref a workout. Robbie gets razor close on a seatbelt pin but they fight on. Robbie goes for the Turbo Backpack, but Jess counters with a poison rana! Jess goes for the tilt-a-whirl, but Robbie throws her off and rolls her up for the 3 count!

Winner: Robbie Eagles (at 14:35)

Star Rating: ***3/4. This was top quality technical wrestling, with some strong strikes thrown in as well. Was funny to hear the crowd boo Robbie for his part in that, and he responded, "but I'm not breaking any rules!" We love Jess though. Me, I was torn- Robbie and Jess are my two favourite wrestlers. I wore a Robbie shirt on Night 1 and a Jess shirt on Night 2, should have switched it! Great start to the show.

Post-match, Robbie leaves the ring to Jess as a sign of respect and she bows to the crowd. Rose speculates that a Colosseum sword could still be in her future. I sure hope so!

Match 2: The Velocities (Jude London & Paris De Silva) & Charli Evans vs. Will Kiedis, Kai Drake & Lyrebird Luchi

Luchi still has his wheelchair, and he cuts a pre-match promo mocking Jess for her loss in the last match, and taking shots at the Velocities & Charli, saying they're "the cast from The Hobbit". They aren't the world's tallest people. It's about working smart, not working hard, and he's going to wrestle this match in a wheelchair.

Luchi actually starts the match, with Charli Evans, who ties up with him and rolls him back to the corner. We then get both teams in to join the scrum of sorts. The Velocites take out Drake and Kiedis with stereo planchas, and then join Charli in tipping Luchi out of his chair- after a double drop toe hold on the wheelchair didn't work. Gold!

The heels take over for a spell, with Kiedis and Drake teeing off on Paris in the corner, then Luchi rolling up to deliver a devastating strike. Luchi places a boot on Paris in an unsuccessful pin attempt. He also does a stalling suplex on Paris- yes, still in the chair- but Paris escapes and makes the hot tag to Charli! Top rope cross body wipes out Kiedis and Drake. Charli throws all 3 opponents in the corner and nails them with running boots! She then dropkicks Luchi out of his wheelchair. As someone- who, like Luchi- lives with a painful physical disability- I shouldn't love this, but it's Luchi, so I do. The Velocities and Charli pin Luchi, but Kiedis and Drake break it up.

The action gets a little serious for a minute as Jude comes in with a handspring Stunner, Kiedis hits him with a Shining Wizard, and Charli hits him with a high angle back suplex. All of a sudden, Luchi springs to life, out of his chair and hits Charli with a seatbelt pin, but she kicks out. It's a medical miracle for Luchi! Velocities come in to hit him with a double superkick, and Charli scores with the German suplex for a 3 count!

Winners: The Velocities & Charli Evans (at 8:21)

Star Rating: ***1/2. This was a blast. As far as silly, comedy undercard spots go, it was the perfect thing to counter-balance the seriousness of the Colosseum tournament and give everyone an emotional breather. The antics of Luchi were a riot. His mic work lately has been on another level- although, as a school teacher, I'll be now thinking of Luchi every time I say, "boys, zip your lips". And the inventiveness of Luchi wrestling in a wheelchair was something I've never seen before. Well done all around.

Match 3: Colosseum Tournament Semi-Final- Adam Brooks vs. Caveman Ugg

Brooksy saunters down from the upper level of the Thornbury Theatre, hanging out for a moment next to Rose & Gale at the commentary position. Before the match can get going, Rocky Menero appears on the big screen and said he's coming for Ugg at MCW's next show in November, MCW 12. He also insults Ugg, saying that he's unintelligent and Ugg is short for "ugly".

An enraged Ugg batters Brooksy in the corner to start the match. They fight to ringside with chops and clubbing blows. Brooks tries to fight back, but Ugg flapjacks him to the roof of the Thornbury Theatre, then follows up with a monkey flip out of the corner. Tremendous strength and agility by the big man. A swinging side slam by Ugg gets a 2 count.

Ugg goes for his patented powerbomb, but Brooks wriggles free, only to be met with a massive stomp seconds later. Ugg chokes Brooks in the corner, but Brooks pushes the ref away, allowing him to hit an undetected low blow! He follows up with the Swanton moments later- and gets the 3 count!

Winner: Adam Brooks (at 4:14)

Star Rating: **. Wow. You definitely want more than that for a semi-final match, but it was satisfying seeing Ugg unleash hell like that, dominating the entirety of the match until that low blow. I wonder what the thought process was behind it- perhaps just painting the picture that Brooks had an easier path to the finals than Eagles? Two wrestlers the caliber of Ugg & Brooks, I would have liked to have seen them tear the house down a lot longer than that. It certainly strengthens this new character of Brooks though, showing that he'll do anything to win, prestigious tournament or not.

Post-match, Rose & Gale push the narrative of Menero getting in Ugg's head, catching him off-guard. There we go. A little protecting of Ugg for the loss, and promoting the upcoming Menero/Ugg match.

A promo airs for the next big PWA show, October 21, at the UNSW Roundhouse. It's a Black Label event, on FITE TV, and NJPW's Shingo Takagi will be there!

Match 4: The Nations (Jack Bonza & Mick Moretti) vs. Ricky South & Punchdrunk Istria

Bonza is besides himself that Istria was Ricky's choice as a tag parter (check out the amazing Bonza vs. Istria match on YouTube). Ricky has excellent AC/DC inspired trunks on.

Bonza & Istria start, and immediately break into intense chain wrestling. Rose reminds me that Bonza and Istria actually faced each other in the first Colosseum tournament in 2018. Bonza reverses an elbow drop into a crucifix pin for a 2 count. Moretti wants a tag in, Bonza is reluctant, but Moretti snaps, "you had your chance, it's my turn!" Moretti wants Ricky to tag in, but he refuses. Moretti takes a swipe at Ricky on the apron, but he drops to the floor. Handstand into a headscissors on Istria by Moretti. A bit of a Nations double team with a drop toe hold into an elevated elbow drop by Bonza. Barely a 2 count.

Istria unleashes a strike combo, but Bonza ducks the roundhouse kick and applies the ankle lock, which Punchy quickly fights out of. Istria hits a German suplex and now Ricky tags in to put the boots to Bonza. A quick cheap shot to Moretti on the apron. Ricky attacks the hand of Bonza, as it was hurt during the Night 1 match with Moretti. Kris makes the point that he's uncomfortable seeing Ricky exploit a situation like this.

Tags to Moretti and Istria, and after a brief flurry, Ricky enters the ring. We get a staredown between champ and interim champ. They trade strikes, but before they can get much of anything going, they're dragged out of the ring, thrown into the barricade, and we've got Bonza and Istria back in the ring. I guess we're operating by PWA's lucha tag rules on this cross-promotional show? Istria applies the armbar, but Bonza fights out and hits a devastating sit-out powerbomb! Long 2 count.

Quick in and out from both teams. Istria flies to the outside with a plancha on Bonza, but he's caught and launched into the barricade. It doesn't hit me tonight. In the ring, Ricky hits Moretti with the Emerald Flowsion and covers, but Bonza makes the save. Ricky goes for the piledriver on Moretti, but Bonza grabs his legs, allowing Moretti to escape and get the roll up for the 3 count!

Winners: The Nations (at 8:30)

Star Rating: ***1/2. Action-packed battle that simultaneously advanced two feuds- Bonza/Istria and Ricky/Moretti. The finish also plays into one of Ricky's gripes with Moretti, which we're about to get into with his post-match promo.

Ricky takes the mic and takes aim at Mick Moretti. He says he's always got back-up from the Nations, and that Mick Moretti is just a tag wrestler, and not a singles guy. Mick retorts that he's recently held 5 championships at the same time. He wants to ensure that there's no Nations interference at the Roundhouse, their title unification match is going to be a Steel Cage match! Damn, that's a gamechanger!

A little anecdotal side-note- the last time there was a wrestling show at the Roundhouse, it was a NJPW show, Southern Showdown 2019, with some PWA involvement. Ricky worked that show as security/staff- he was next to my section all night. This time, he returns as the champion in the main event of an event that is a PWA show with a little NJPW involvement. Shows how far that Ricky South, PWA and Australian wrestling have come!

Rose and Gale pass the headsets to MCW commentators, Simon Takla and Nims Azoor for the next couple of matches.

Match 5: MCW World Heavyweight Championship- Unsocial Jordan (w/ SMS) vs. Mitch Waterman (c)

Jordan bails to ringside immediately to talk to ring announcer Lindsay Howarth. He gets Lindsay to deliver the message to the crowd to "not use profanity for the duration" of this match. It's a common move in PWA to get some heat from the crowd and usually a lot of expletives hurled in his direction, but this show was all ages, rather than PWA's usual 18+ (and last night at the Croxton was also 18+, I believe). Decent amount of kids in the crowd, so I was restraining myself from letting the four letter words fly. Hard times! A few people let out a "f**k you Jordan!" and the dad sitting next to me covered his little son's ears.

They start with attempts at their finishers- Shining Wizard misses, Tempest Backfist misses, Jordan goes for the sleeper but Waterman escapes. A dropkick sends Jordan to ringside. Waterman goes for a dive, but Aaron Jake steps into the path of the champion. The distraction allows Jordan to hit a Shining Wizard up against the ring post! Back in the ring, it gets a 2 count. Belinda Pierce grabs Waterman's ankle, allowing Jordan to hit an enziguri for another near fall.

Jordan goes to the ropes and applies the sleeper, using the height of the turnbuckles for leverage, and uses up the majority of the referee's 5 count. Waterman fights back with a kick, knocking Jordan to the stage. They battle on the apron and Jordan hits another Shining Wizard against the ropes, sending Waterman spiralling back into the ring, and the follow up jackknife pin gets a near fall. He grinds Waterman down with a sleeper, but the champ rallies back with crowd support. Waterman kicks off the turnbuckles to roll into a pin, which gets a long 2 count. Single leg dropkick by Waterman and it's time to reset.

Aaron Jake gets up on the apron and Waterman knocks him down. He runs the ropes and drops Jordan with a slingblade! Waterman follows up with a Gory Bomb into the middle turnbuckle- ouch-followed by the Lumbar Check for a near fall. Aaron Jake gets up on the apron again, and the distraction allows Jordan to hit the O'Connor Roll for a good 2 count. Waterman's had enough and wipes out Aaron Jake with a flip dive. He knocks Jordan down with a kick. Waterman goes up top, and Belinda Pierce grabs his leg. Jordan catches Waterman on the ropes, hitting a top rope Falcon Arrow- but Waterman kicks out at 1! They trade superkicks, but Belinda gets up on the apron and slaps Waterman. No DQ? Come on! Jordan has the tripod, but accidentally strikes Belinda with it! Whoopsie! Backslide for a near fall. Tempest Backfist lands- and that gets the 3 count!

Winner: Mitch Waterman (at 11:23)

Star Rating: ***3/4. The run time surprised me, because they packed a lot in there. The SMS interference definitely verged on overkill, but Simon and Nims did a nice job covering for that, saying that Waterman would've had words with the ref pre-match about calling for DQs. The action was top-notch, and it's impressive how Jordan walks a fine line- he's actually built up a lot of in-ring credibility over the years, so the fact that he still acts weaselly and leans on his SMS followers when he's certainly capable on his own, it makes him even more detestable.

Intermission. The throwback match on FITE TV is Mick Moretti vs. Marcus Kool from MCW Breaking Point back in May. Moretti wins with the schoolboy. He's no Prefect, but it gets the job done!

Match 6: No DQ- Jake Andrewartha vs. Zhan Wen

These two were meant to collide in the Ascension tournament semi-finals last month at MCW New Horizons, but a backstage attack on Wen by Andrewartha saw that match scrapped. So a lot of bad blood here, and Wen jumps Andrewartha before the bell can even ring! Spear by Wen and punches in the mount, but Andrewartha reverses into an armbar. Roll up by Wen gets a 2.

Andrewartha hits a back suplex but Wen pops right back up and dropkicks him into the corner. German suplex by Wen! Wow, okay, that was impressive. Andrewartha is a massive man. Wen then wipes out Andrewartha with a plancha! Andrewartha comes back by throwing Wen into the barricade- then Spearing him right through it! Damn! They brawl around the Thornbury Theatre, and gee, it's nice to actually see what's happening on FITE. They put it on these really shitty projectors at the venue, that were really dark and you couldn't make out what was happening. Andrewartha puts Wen up against the wall and charges at him, but Wen moves and the big man smacks the wall HARD!

Andrewartha defends himself by literally throwing security guards at Wen. Wen catches one of them and uses him as a human weapon to knock down Andrewartha! This is brilliant. They fight back to ringside. Andrewartha reaches under the ring, grabs a chair and absolutely pelts Wen with it! That steel chair is almost bent in half from the force of hitting Wen's back. He does it a few more times. Some men just want to watch the world burn. Andrewartha then produces a table! Back in the ring, more chair strikes, and then driving the edge of the chair into the ribs, but Wen kicks out of the barrage. Huge powerbomb follows- and Wen kicks out again!

Andrewartha grabs another steel chair- because the last one got so warped that it barely resembles a chair anymore- and misses with the shot, instead hitting the ropes and having the chair ricochet back into his face! Wen seizes the opportunity and scores with a massive spinebuster! He picks Andrewartha up on his shoulders and hits a Widowmaker! Incredible strength! He gets a 2.85 count. He sets up a table and tries to slam Andrewartha through it, but Andrewartha escapes and hits a gutwrench powerbomb through the wood for the win!

Winner: Jake Andrewartha (at 13:08)

Star Rating: ****. That was wild! Seeing the action around the Thornbury Theatre that I couldn't see on the night really elevated this one, and the feats of strength from Wen were incredibly impressive. Wen builds himself up in defeat, while Andrewartha maintains his streak of not being pinned or submitted in MCW. Tremendous battle of the big men.

A promo airs for MCW 12. They display a series of MCW wrestlers, the last of which being a quick snippet of Buddy Matthews. Interesting...

Match 7: MCW Tag Team Championship- The Natural Classics (Stevie & Tome Filip) vs. Tommy Knight & Slex (c)

Damn, Lindsay Howarth really punches in that 'FORMER" when introducing the Filips. We get the dramatic taking off the sunnies that Brooksy denied us of on Night 1. Life is good, and Business is booming!

Slex and Stevie start things off here. Side headlock, tackle, drop down, leapfrog, classic. Stevie delivers the "suck it!"- also classic- and Slex drops him with a back elbow. Tommy tags himself in and the champs bicker amongst themselves. Stevie interrupts but takes a double shoulder block and double elbow. The commentators debate whether that was actual teamwork or happenstance.

Tome tags in. Tommy drops him with a shoulder block. Stevie back in and the Filips hit Knight with a series of kicks. Tommy quickly fights back and picks them both up with a double Samoan drop! Slex wants a tag and gets it by chopping Tommy! That's unique. The Classics double team Slex- big boot by Tome, standing moonsault by Stevie. The guys sitting near me were calling them Young Bucks wannabes- and many call the Bucks Hardyz wannabes, so it's a slippery slope.

The Classics beat down Slex a little but not a lot as he gets the tag to Tommy Knight! Big boots, clotheslines, elbows. Tommy is fired up! The brothers try a double team but are taken out with a double clothesline. They take a senton each for their troubles. Tommy batters both men but seems to tweak his arm at some point, and couldn't catch Tome off a cross body. The ref throws up the X and Tommy goes backstage. Slex is all alone in this match now.

Stevie rolls up Slex for a close 2 count. Tome with a German suplex, then a vertical, then Stevie off the top with a gorgeous Shooting Star Press for a near fall! More double team work, punctuated with an Eye of the Hurricane for another near fall. Tome in with a high impact spinebuster- but Slex keeps kicking out. Slex tries to fight back, and eventually collides with Stevie in a double cross body. Slex dumps both The Classics to the outside, then wipes them both out with a suicide dive, then suplexes Tome on the apron (The Hardest Part Of The Ring TM). Stevie takes a back suplex on the steel guardrail! Just like that, Slex is in control!

Slex hits Tome with a powerbomb into a shoulder breaker, followed by a clothesline. Cover, but Stevie makes the save. Stevie blind tags in and goes for a flying elbow, but Slex dodges and Tome takes it instead! Slex nails the Slex Bomb on Stevie- but only gets 2! Tome drags Slex out of the ring and throws him into the barricade before hitting a flip dive! A series of Classic attacks in the ring follows, punctuated by a Stevie moonsault- but Slex kicks out! Stevie goes for the Phoenix Splash- but once again hits Tome instead of Slex! Slex locks Stevie in his Close of Business submission- and Stevie taps!

Winners: Slex & Tommy Knight (at 16:29)

Star Rating: ****. Slex was a one man army out there, and the Filips were that well-oiled machine- until they weren't. The best representation for MCW on this show as far as flat out wrestling skill. Unsure if Tommy's injury was legitimate- they are doing a feuding partners story, and Slex having to fight solo would definitely provide some ammo. Hope he's well, but the story of the handicap absolutely added drama in any event.

Match 8: Colosseum Tournament Finals- Robbie Eagles vs. Adam Brooks

Both men got big ring introductions highlighting their previous accomplishments and championships. Kris describes Brooks as "laconic" with a "I got this" attitude. Dueling chants for both, despite Brooks' character change. Robbie starts fast but Brooks bails to ringside. Robbie unloads with chops, but Brooks drops him with a back suplex on the apron (THE HARDEST- ah, you get it). Brooks wraps Robbie's injured arm- from the battle with Jess- inside the guardrail and kicks it. Robbie tries to fight back, but Brooks hits him with a penalty kick across the apron.

Back in the ring, Brooks keeps stomping Robbie down, but Robbie creates separation with a roundhouse kick. Robbie charges- right into a belly to belly from Brooks into the corner! Brooks goes back to work on the arm- a splash to the arm? That was innovative. Arm first into the ring post, and Robbie is in trouble. He blocks a butterfly suplex and rolls through into a pin, which gets him a near fall and a little breathing room. Brooks kicks him in the arm to slow him down again, followed by a guillotine knee drop! He follows up with a low dive into Robbie, driving him into the barricade.

Brooks takes the kid's sign next to me- reading "Why Adam Why?" and cuts Robbie's fingers with it. That kid was awesome- as much as I would have preferred an 18+ show, loved seeing the passion he had, he brought like 10 signs that he made himself. Little legend. And the papercuts get a near fall. I'll be damned. Brooks keeps up the arm attack with a short arm scissors on Eagles. Brooks locks in the crossface, but Robbie rolls into a pin, forcing the hold to be broken. Robbie tries to mount a comeback, but Brooks cuts him off with a flatliner into the middle turnbuckle. Robbie fires back with a spinning kick, sending Brooks out of the ring. Robbie then nips up and hits a flip dive on Brooksy right into the rail. Robbie almost landed on his head!

Back in the ring, Robbie runs the ropes several times, building speed and momentum- then absolutely blasts Brooks with a kick for a near fall. Eagles starts to work the legs- in preparation for the Ron Miller Special. He goes for the 450, but Brooks moves and Robbie crashes and burns. Brooks goes up top but Eagles grabs his leg. Robbie climbs up, looking for a super rana- but Brooks turns it into a powerbomb! He goes up top again and this time hits the Swanton! 1... 2... Robbie somehow kicks out! A frustrated Brooks crushes Robbie's head with forearms, and somewhere in there, Brooksy's nose got bloodied up. Brooks leaps over to the apron- perhaps looking for a Canadian Destroyer on the apron- but Eagles reverses into a Turbo Backpack off the apron to the outside! Holy shit!

Both men make it in after the longest 9 count in history, but hey, I'm not complaining! They slowly trade strikes on their knees. Robbie eventually goes for his Ron Miller, but Brooks counters with an inside cradle for a near fall. Robbie with a roll up for a 2. Brooks cracks him with an enziguri. Robbie returns fire with a roundhouse! The kick, not the building. Although at this point, it may take dropping a building on Brooks to beat him! He scores with the springboard dropkick to the knee, then takes to the skies. The Sniper with the 450, followed by the Ron Miller. He adjusts, he cranks, he wrenches it... and Brooks taps!

Winner: Robbie Eagles (at 21:22)

Star Rating: ****1/2. I enjoyed this far more on a second watch, guided by the commentary of Rose & Gale. I really liked it before- my initial rating before rewatching was always north of 4 stars- but the passion and stressing the importance of the Colosseum tournament on comms really elevated the drama of these two doing battle. I called it the Ace of PWA vs. The Ace of MCW on Twitter, and I stand by that. Incredible match to end Colosseum!

Overall Thoughts

This was an amazing weekend of pro wrestling. Seeing the two major Australian companies work together to put an event of this magnitude on was really something special. Robbie Eagles winning the Cobalt Steel is well deserved- he's had plenty of accolades, in and out of Australia, but no one has done more for Aussie professional wrestling in the last decade than Robbie Eagles. On a personal level, I wanted it to be Jess Troy's year, but Robbie more than deserves his flowers. We probably wouldn't have Jess or a large portion of the great PWA stars, at the level they're at, without Robbie's guidance and influence.

Comparing the two nights of Colosseum- I probably enjoyed Night 1 that bit more- the "fight pit" atmosphere and being an 18+ show gave it a different vibe- but Brooks and Eagles still finished this thing on the highest of notes. I definitely miss the crazy atmosphere of Max Watts, and while the action at the Thornbury Theatre was great, the atmosphere didn't match that energy. Maybe next year? Colosseum 2019 still remains the gold standard for me.

We also had MCW representing greatly, with the No DQ match and tag title match really standing out, and one of the best comedy matches I can recall seeing in quite some time in the trios match. Potentially the best one PWA has done not involving Big Fudge. What a show, what a weekend.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Also, we're just getting things started for the PWA LFG tour this October! Up next on the tour, PWA are heading to Wollongong- 3 mins from my house, win! Then Newcastle, then Sydney for the big Roundhouse show, then finishing the tour off in Canberra. For more information, dates, ticket info etc. head to

Until next time, take care.


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