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REIMAGINED- WrestleMania 32

By Adam Pokrajac

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the first guest article on The Arena Media! A big welcome to Adam to the Arena family. He messaged me about an idea he had to re-book WrestleMania 32, since it was the last Mania held in Texas, before WWE returns to Dallas this weekend for WrestleMania 38. I had thought about introducing some kind of fantasy booking series myself, so here we are with the first REIMAGINED! Please give any feedback in the comment sections of wherever you see this article posted, cheers!



WrestleMania 32

Pre Show

No.1 Contenders- League of Nations vs. Usos vs. Lucha Dragons

Okay, for this match not much of a build, but we know they can work. League of Nations win.

Andre the Giant Battle Royal

So to me, the Battle Royal is a great way to build up someone or set motions in place for future storylines. So for this case, we continue what happened in real life have Corbin win it.

Main Show

US Championship Ladder Match- Tyler Breeze (C) v Dolph Ziggler v Del Rio v Zack Ryder v Stardust v Goldust

Since debuting on Raw Breeze is taken a serious championship and uses underhanded tactics to hold onto his title. So Breeze was forced to defend his title against every that he has beaten thus retaining his championship. Goldust wins the United States in a feel-good victory as well as planting the seeds of the end of Stardust and begin of Cody.

No Holds Barred- Shane v HHH- Special Ref Vince McMahon

This match is all about the power struggle as well as the very state of Raw on the line with the winner becoming GM of Raw. Shane outlasts Triple H. Leaving Triple H to take the Reigns of Smackdown Live later in the year.

Tag Team Championship- Dudleys (C) v Enzo & Cass v New Day

So Dudleys are that veteran tag team who is very dismissive of all the teams leading to the bout. The New Day earns a shot due to winning a gauntlet match while Enzo & Cass talk their way into and accept the challenge because they don’t seem Enzo & Cass much of a threat due to the fact they never won tag titles before. Enzo & Cass capture the tag titles at the grandest stage.

Women's Championship- Becky Lynch v Charlotte (C) v Sasha Banks

It’s pretty hard to change something so monumental at the time. Who would think the girls had the hands-down match of the night. Charlotte would win but the only difference is she would will clean and maintain her PPV record.

Hell In A Cell- Undertaker v Sting

For clarity Sting never faces Rollins and in turn, avoids his spinal injury. The build for this match is about who is the last true last gunslinger similar to movies involving Clint Eastwood but with horror/ thriller with a twist alongside someone great production, this could be very memorable. Undertaker wins and is both these 2 legends' last match.

IC Championship- Chris Jericho v Kevin Owens (C) v Sami Zayn

So Owens wins his match so he can choose his match at Wrestlemania. He chooses Sami Zayn so he can embarrass his biggest rival on the biggest stage while on the other hand, he wants to defeat Jericho to prove he is a better intercontinental champion than Jericho ever was. Owens & Zayn are too focused on inflicting punishment on each other they aren’t focusing on winning the match leaving Jericho to pick up the pieces and winning the IC championship for the 10th time.

Handicap match- Wyatt Family v Brock Lesnar

This all starts back at the rumble when the whole Wyatt Family eliminated Brock from the rumble. But from the rumble, we add something more the Wyatt family Heyman gets abducted by the Wyatt which means we get different side of Brock whose suplex city stick was beginning to get stale. Brock wins, reuniting with Paul Heyman.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship- Dean Ambrose v Roman Reigns (C)

To bring back a step Roman won the money in the bank in this fantasy booking and once Rollins vacated the belt Roman cashed in and automatically won the championship, joining the authority and turning heel in the process. Ambrose's disappointment makes it his mission to be the one to show Roman he sold out and the best way to do it is to overcome the Authority and take the Belt off him. Ambrose overcomes all odds and wins.


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