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Quick Results of PWA X Newy Pro (15/10/2022)

By Mick Robson

Unfortunately I couldn't attend the Newcastle leg of the PWA LFG Tour. A big shoutout to Lochie Beckley (IG- @satin_black15, @satin_black_wrestling, @satin_black_gaming) for providing results for this show!

Taking place at the House of Free Fighting- also known as The Hoose- this show saw a collaboration/co-promotion between PWA and its sister promotion, Newcastle Pro Wrestling (Newy Pro). Pretty much the NSW wrestling equivalent of "the Mega-Powers collide". Somewhere, in a dimly lit pub, Jack Bonza and Adam Hoffman are practicing their slow-motion handshake.

Results are as follows:

Match 1: Cherry Stephens def. Parker Tomas

Match 2: Shayne Sheffield Sinclair, Albie Anne Troska & Sherriff Jake Walker def. Unsocial Jordan, Tommy Dee & Tucky

Match 3: Jessica Troy def. Frankie B

Match 4: Mick Moretti vs. Dazza ends in a No Contest

Match 5: Scott Green def. David Streamer (Editor's Note- we really needed Scott Green at Hits From The Gong)

Match 6 Jack Bonza def. Bob The Viking

Match 7: Team PWA (Ricky South, Paris De Silva, Jimmy Townsend, Lyrebird Luchi & Will Kiedis) def. Team Newy Pro (Carter Deams, Headhunter Rig, Ben Braxton, Adam Hoffman & Rita Stone)

An announcement was made for the Newy Pro show at City Hall on December 9- Steph De Lander (former WWE NXT star Persia Pirotta) will be making her return!

When asked his overall thoughts on the show, Lochie gave the following:

All around great show, had a lot of fun watching it. Absolute dead crowd though, sadly. (Editor's Note- pick your game up Newy, this reads like an excellent card!)


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