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Quick Results of PWA LFG Tour: Why No Queensland? (Brisbane)

By Mick Robson

The PWA LFG Tour keeps rolling on! PWA stands for Pro Wrestling Australia, and LFG... stands for Let's Flippin' Go. Or something to that effect. The second stop, still in the lovely state of Queensland, sees Australia's best pro wrestling promotion touch down in Brisbane! And I was going to title this article "Night 2", before I realised that would be a misnomer- the event was actually an afternoon show, part of an event called Grain's Birthday Weekender, at the Brightside Brisbane.

Big thanks to HannaGrace (Twitter: @hannagrace_xx) for sending through the results to make this coverage possible!

Match 1: Non Title- PWA Champion Ricky South vs. Jessica Troy

South wins via pinfall.

Match 2: Kai Drake & Unsocial Jordan vs. Walco's Most Wanted

Kai and Jordan win via pinfall

Match 3: Widebay Pro Wrestling Championship- "The Cult Classic" Bobby Bishop vs. Lyrebird Luchi

Bobby retains via pinfall. Luchi continued his wheelchair gimmick from the last couple of PWA shows for this match, which looked hilarious.

Main Event: Trios Match- The Nations (Mick Moretti, Jack Bonza & Adam Hoffman) vs. Robbie Eagles & The Velocities (Paris De Silva & Jude London)

Robbie & Velocities win via pinfall.


When asked her overall thoughts on the show, Hanna provided the following:

Overall brilliant show, lots of fun. The crowd was super responsive to them. Its a mini festival (only a one hour PWA show) so the crowd wasn’t necessarily wrestling fans.

And by some miracle, Luchi can walk again!


Again, big thanks to Hanna for helping out with this QLD coverage! From the sounds of this, and Mikey's report yesterday, it was a very successful venture into QLD for PWA. This LFG Tour is one of the biggest things PWA have attempted, if not the biggest, and so far it seems to have gone off without a hitch, quality performances- as usual- and new crowds responding well to them.

I'll be jumping in for coverage of the next part of the LFG Tour- the two night Colosseum tournament in Melbourne, in conjunction with MCW (Melbourne City Wrestling). I'll be there in person, so very excited for that. That portion of the LFG Tour will actually be broadcast on FITE TV, as all the main PWA Black Label events are, so get amongst that for some top shelf pro wrestling!

And as I mentioned in the previous article, if you happen to be around the area, or even have the cash and are willing to travel a bit, check out for tickets so that you can be ringside to the action!


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