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Pat McAfee Tests Positive For COVID-19

Unfortunate news for Smackdown this week, as colour commentator Pat McAfee has tested positive for COVID-19. Pat revealed on his Twitter page that he was fully vaccinated yet still positive, and would be out for the forseeable future. McAfee woke up with a fever, calling into his Pat McAfee Show to say he was isolating and awaiting the results of his test before posting this Tweet.

Pat McAfee has been a tremendous addition to WWE. He worked as a pre-show analyst for a couple of years before debuting in NXT as an in-ring talent. A former NFL punter, McAfee showed excellent athleticism and an innate knack for pro wrestling, first wrestling Adam Cole at Takeover before returning for a War Games match. His next big milestone was debuting as Smackdown's colour commentator post-WrestleMania 37. His enthusiasm and passion quickly shone through, and Michael Cole has even praised him for bringing out Cole's own love for the business again.

No word on who will replace McAfee on Smackdown in the meantime, but wishing him all the best and a speedy recovery.

By Mick Robson


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