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Notes on the TNA In The Rumble Panel at Starrcast (13/04/2024)

By Mick Robson

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We're on the home stretch of Starrcast Downunder content! After this, there's only one more, but it's a big one- a Sunday with Bret Hart!

The following is notes on what Mickie James and Jordynne Grace had to say at their "TNA In The Rumble" stage show at Starrcast in Ballarat:

  • We begin with some brief chat about the all-women's HER show the night before. Jordynne says that she knew there was high expectations of her match with Delta (Editor's Note: They met them.)

  • Mickie adds that she was "marking out" on headsets backstage. Says that HER was a wonderful representation of women's wrestling in 2024- "unique, individual, beautiful, and strong."

  • Mickie- putting together the HER card was stressful. Cam Vale and Ella Jay helped with finding Australian talent as Mickie wasn't as familiar.

  • Jordynne- says that the Knockouts division is one of the best in the world. Host So Cal Val adds that it was like a "multiverse" seeing Mickie and Jordynne in the Royal Rumble.

  • Mickie- her appearance in the Rumble was different to Jordynne's, because everyone knew Mickie and her story. Johnny Ace called Mickie to ask if she wanted to be in the Rumble. She had a "list of demands", including having Hardcore Country as her theme, and bringing the Knockouts Championship to the ring. Mickie was sure this would be denied, but Vince okayed it, so Johnny called Scott D'Amore and got the deal made.

  • Mickie had more notice than Jordynne- she knew a couple of months in advance, while Jordynne only got 6 days notice.

  • Mickie tells Jordynne- "you looked like you belonged, you looked like a star."

  • Jordynne- "the girls were so accomodating." Her biggest fear was complete silence from the crowd, but she wasn't worried about the locker room, as she knew "90% of them from the indies". That eased the nerves.

  • Petey Williams was the producer for the Women's Rumble. "I was like 'thank God'!" said Jordynne.

  • Mickie- mentions the influence of the Knockouts division, starting with Gail Kim and Awesome Kong, it started women's wrestling moving forward and helped it turn a corner.

  • Things have changed so much since Mickie was in developmental, back then there was 4 or 5 women, and now there's tons.

  • Jordynne Grace is a big fan of joshi wrestlers. Says that they completely skipped the Divas era over there and they just wrestle. She laughs as she says she also loves "muscle mommies". This panel was slightly shorter than the others, but it did give a nice behind the scenes look at a couple of big Royal Rumble moments in recent years, as well as delve into the history and influences on both Mickie James and Jordynne Grace throughout their careers. Up next, a recap of a Sunday With Bret Hart, and the PWA Ringmasters review!


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