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Matt Hardy Takes A Bad Fall At AEW All Out

The "Broken Rules" Match between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara apparently came to a premature end today at AEW All Out. The stipulation for this long-anticipated grudge match was essentially Last Man Standing, and additionally, if Matt Hardy lost, he would be forced to leave AEW. Hardy only debuted in the company on the 18th of March this year.

Hardy and Guevara began the match brawling in the backstage area of Daily's Place, the site of All Out. The two men battled to the top of a scaffold, and "The Spanish God" speared Matt off it through two tables below. Unfortunately, Hardy overshot the tables, and the back of his head smacked the concrete. He attempted to continue the match, but was clearly compromised and dazed, appearing to suffer a concussion. Referee Aubrey Edwards threw up the X sign, calling in AEW's doctor, and the match appeared to be called off, with the bell ringing.

After a brief cut to the announcers who emphasised the importance of Hardy's health, the camera went back to Hardy and Guevara, brawling back out into the arena, and the match was said to be restarted. Of note, Matt Hardy did not take a single bump and they immediately rushed to a finish, which was Sammy Guevara falling off some light rigging. It was a concerning scene, but Hardy remains in AEW per the stipulation. One has to wonder if the match would have been restarted if not for that stipulation.

An update was given prior to the "Mimosa Mayhem" match, simply stating that Hardy is "okay". Further updates will be given here when they become available.


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