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Main Event Set For WWE Day 1

The first wrestling event of 2022 comes our way courtesy of WWE, appropriately titled Day 1. Emanating from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, the Raw brand has come out swinging with the main event. Previously booked as a singles match, the events of this week's Monday Night Raw episode necessitated a change to a triple threat match.

Initially booked as Big E vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship last week, this week saw the involvement of Kevin Owens. Which means at WWE Day 1, it will be Big E vs. Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens for the WWE Championship in a Triple Threat match.

WWE Day 1 airs on January 1st in the US, or the 2nd of January in Australia. It will broadcast live on the WWE Network, Peacock and the Main Event PPV channel Down Under.

Thoughts: I really like the fresh blood in the main event scene here. Big E has taken to the role of WWE Champion very nicely, and it's been a while since Seth has been directly involved in the main event scene, spending much of the last couple of years feuding with the likes of Rey Mysterio and Edge in the upper midcard. Kevin Owens, although a former Universal Champion, is pretty much in the same boat. What adds an extra wrinkle to proceedings here is the contractual status of Owens. His WWE contract is up in January 2022, and he has a lot of friends in AEW.

Even though E, Rollins and Owens are WWE veterans at this stage, they haven't been overexposed in the main event scene, especially E, who just got there for the first time. And it feels like a very rare event to have a feud for the WWE Championship that doesn't involve someone from past eras. Even last year- the "fresh blood" of McIntyre and Lashley- they were active around the Ruthless Aggression era a good 15 years ago.

I'm not loving the creative direction of WWE at the moment, but bell-to-bell, this should be a fantastic championship match.


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