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List Of Updates For WWE 2K22 Revealed

After much delay, anticipation (and for many, trepidation), WWE 2K today released some details about the next game in the series, WWE 2K22. First stating that the information was going to come out in January, the video proclaims that "they couldn't wait", before listing a slew of new features and "innovations". They are as follows:

  • Redesigned gameplay engine

  • New controls

  • Stunning graphics

  • Immersive presentation

  • New WWE 2K Showcase

  • MyGM


  • MyRISE

  • Universe Mode

  • Creation Suite

More involved details are set to be unveiled in January. WWE 2K22 is set to be released in approximately March/April of 2022. 2K have had to go back to the drawing board after a critically panned WWE 2K20 game, which was riddled with bugs and glitches and virtually unplayable at times. They did not release a WWE 2K21, instead putting out WWE 2K Battlegrounds as a placeholder while they've worked to revamp this upcoming title.

Thoughts: The first half of their list really sounds like fluff, but they'll have the opportunity to expand on just what "redesigned gameplay engine" and "immersive presentation" means in a couple of months. I will say that the graphics look truly impressive, but we've been bitten by how good graphics look in trailers before, versus the actual product in gameplay. So, we'll see.

The second half of the list is where the meat of this is at. They're bringing back GM Mode! It was one of my most beloved features of the Smackdown vs. Raw series on the PS2, and has been perhaps the most requested feature by fans for many years. It operates in a similar way to Universe Mode, but you compete with the other show for the best ratings and the most fans, and you need to balance finances of the contracts of your wrestlers, the cost of putting on shows, etc. It's truly an immersive experience, one where I could lose a day in the blink of an eye.

I'm assuming MyRise is the new career mode, and I'm curious to see what MyFaction is all about. The new 2K Showcase should be fun as well- regardless of the general reception of 2K's games, they generally put forward a great effort for the Showcase Mode, usually picking out a WWE era or storyline to recreate in-game.

Dammit, they got me. I was skeptical of how 2K22 would turn out given all the talent releases, but it's looking like they might have something great here! I'm getting excited. Don't let me down, WWE 2K!


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