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King Of The Ring & Queen's Crown- Brackets & Early 1st Round Results

This past Friday on Smackdown, one of WWE's longest running traditions resumed, as the King Of The Ring tournament returned, with part of the first round taking place on the blue brand, and the other part set to occur this coming week on Raw. In addition, WWE are holding the first ever Queen's Crown tournament- an equivalent to KOTR for the women's division.

The King Of The Ring began in 1985, with the inaugural winner being the late great Harley Race. The prize is generally a king's crown, robe and scepter. Some winner's go on to embrace a "king" gimmick, such as Race, Wade Barrett, Baron Corbin, and perhaps most notably, Booker T. The KOTR tournament has generally been intended as a launch pad for superstardom, and perhaps no year was more evident of that than 1996, where Stone Cold Steve Austin won, and the iconic "Austin 3:16" catchphrase was born.

Smackdown saw the first round of KOTR kick off with a couple of quality matches:

-Sami Zayn def. Rey Mysterio (at 7:58)

-Finn Balor def. Cesaro (at 11:25)

Not the most promising start for the Queen's Crown though, as both 1st round matches went down in incredibly short order:

-Zelina Vega def. Toni Storm (at 2:10)

- Carmella def. Liv Morgan (at 1:40)

The below brackets show the full field, as well as the matches set for Raw next week:


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