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Interview Highlights- Vince McMahon On The Pat McAfee Show

By Mick Robson

- Right off the bat, Vince seems very relaxed and at ease in Pat's studio. When Pat refers to him as "Mr McMahon", he corrects him, insisting to be called "Vince", and jokes that McAfee calls him a lot of other things off-camera.

-Vince hates "pats on the back", although Pat gives frequent compliments to him for taking wrestling from a regional thing to something global.

-Vince will be inducting The Undertaker into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. He says it will be one of the most difficult things for him to do as he "loves the guy".

- Pat mentions the Monday Night Wars and transitions into talk of AEW, including a mention of them buying Ring of Honor yesterday. Vince says he loves confrontation, because if you survive the beating, what can they do then?

- When quizzed about his motivations growing up and starting out, Vince says it was simply to be "everything he could be", recalling a childhood in a 8 foot wide trailer.

-Vince is able to keep going at the level he does because he doesn't consider what he does work. He enjoys what he does on a day to day basis.

- Vince keeps the audience in mind for business, using the example of Hulk Hogan leaving him and bringing him back because it's what the fans wanted.

- Favourite WWE moment- WrestleMania 1, as he went all in to make it a success.

- The Saudi relationship- Vince knew that Saudi fans were passionate and wasn't intimidated by meeting with Saudi royalty, as the WWE product was universal and had appeal beyond culture and language barriers.

- Worst mistake- Vince doesn't dwell on negatives, simply looking at what didn't work and moving in a different direction next time.

- Constantly looking at the big picture and little picture simultaneously. Structuring, marketing, how to use the current product for future success.

- Working with family- Vince says you have to be objective and not show favouritism, treat them like any other employee. He admits that, if anything, he expects more from his family.

- Vince offers Pat McAfee a match at WrestleMania. Pat says, "It'd be a f**king honour." Opponent to be named. Please don't be Vince himself...

-By the way, the language on this show is very un-WWE-like. Plenty of swear words from both Pat and Vince.

- Creating superstars- its a team effort, especially when it comes to complex characters. Vince references Undertaker and trying to get him to break character.

- Branding of "WWE Superstar"- "everyone can wrestle, either poorly or well. Not everyone can be a WWE Superstar."

- Vince was determined to always put on shows through COVID. (Editor's Note: Might've been better if they didn't...)

- Listening to the audience- Althought Vince listens to the fans, there's a portion that are "biased and a bit harsh" that he tries to tune out.

- Pat says that although everyone was talking about Vince being in his ear, Vince lets him do his own thing on commentary. Vince says that Pat appeals to the audience, which is why he's able to do it.

- Vince on Brock Lesnar- "he looks like a Neanderthal... but he's really fucking intelligent."

- Michael Cole- "he's a horrible human being."

- Never shows if he's tired- that's good leadership. He can't bring tired/pissed-off energy to meetings.

- Injuries- Both quads, neck, tricep, others he can't think of. A lot to do with overtraining when working out.

- Pat thanks Vince for everything, including having his back over the Wrestlemania shorts controversy a couple of years ago.


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