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Identities of Retribution Members Revealed

For months, a group of thugs in masks and hoods have terrorised WWE, appearing on Raw and Smackdown to cause chaos and destruction wherever they go. After a long period of speculation, we now know several members of the faction that call themselves Retribution.

They appeared at the start of Raw in altered outfits, still masked, but in a modified fashion where distinguishable features could still be seen. After making reference last week to the WWE Performance Center, it seems that Retribution are comprised of NXT stars:

The above image clearly depicts a number of the Retribution members. The women shown are Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez, and the larger men are Dominik Dijakovic and Dio Maddin. The only unclear one is the man in the Jason-style mask, but it is believed to be Shane Thorne.

It is unclear exactly what the motivation for Retribution is at this point. Interestingly, both Maddin and Thorne have had stints on Raw previously, with Maddin serving as a colour commentator until he was F-5d by Brock Lesnar and replaced at the booth by Samoa Joe. Shane Thorne debuted on Raw around Wrestlemania time, teaming with fellow Aussie Brendon Vink and briefly managed by MVP before the idea was dropped, Thorne was sent back to NXT, and MVP formed the Hurt Business instead.

Also, in previous segments, the Retribution group have featured far more than five members. So it will be interesting to watch how this story progresses over the coming weeks on WWE programming.

By Mick Robson


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