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From The Vault: WWE Super Showdown 2018 Review

By Mick Robson

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WRITER'S NOTE: I intended to release this before heading to Perth for Elimination Chamber. I wrote about half of it before then, then life got in the way. I hope you enjoy regardless!

Keeping the ball rolling on our WWE in Australia reviews! As I sit down to write this, it's a couple of hours after Raw concluded, and it appears our Elimination Chamber 2024 card is set. Only 4 scheduled matches, and a Grayson Waller Effect featuring Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins, which I guess could turn into a 5th match. Cody vs. Waller wouldn't surprise me, but then again, it could be just a segment. A segment where Roman Reigns and perhaps The Rock show up? We can only dream...

I have to admit, as someone who has spent thousands on this trip, between ringside seats, flights, accommodation, meet and greet tickets to Undertaker's One Deadman show... I'm a little disappointed in the card on paper. The two Elimination Chamber matches should be bangers, but I'm not feeling the women's title match or the tag title match. And the number of matches. I understand there were a lot of issues at play- Seth got injured, Gunther can't leave the States because of his visa, CM Punk got announced and then injured, Brock got cancelled... but for a stadium show, it sure seems to be lacking.

Speaking of stadium shows, back in 2018, WWE ran another big stadium show. Just in like 2002, it was held in Melbourne. Seriously, two shows in Melbourne, one this year in Perth... when is Sydney going to get some love? Anyway, this was held at the world famous MCG, and was loaded with as many stars as humanly possible, headlined by a "Last Time Ever" clash between two legends, Triple H- who also main evented the Global Warning Tour in our last review- taking on old rival, The Undertaker.

I was there live at the MCG, after missing Global Warning Tour due to being too broke. Kinda in the nosebleeds and watching the screen more than the actual ring, but the atmosphere was great to be a part of. Gee, these WWE shows really show the evolution of my financial situation. Time to relive it all, with commentary and TV production.

Let's do this!


"Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, oi, oi!" rings out as we start with a hype video on Triple H vs. Undertaker, one last time. It also touches on some of the other talent appearing on the card, reminding me how strikingly different the WWE roster was, just over 5 years ago. In that time, we've had a couple of mass releases, and the birth of AEW.

Fireworks go off at the MCG, and we get a good look at the stage- I didn't get a good chance to see it from where I was sitting, it's simple but still grandiose in its own way.

Match 1: Smackdown Tag Team Championship- The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus) vs. The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) (w/ Big E) (c)

Hey, credit to Michael Cole, he's pronouncing Melbourne properly here, unlike Global Warning where he heavily pronounced the "bourne" part of "Melbourne". New Day have elected to go with the "Speed Force" pairing of Kofi and Woods to combat the size and brute strength of The Bar. This works well in the early going, as Woods hits an assisted elbow drop launching off Kofi's back, and Kofi hits a springboard splash for a near fall.

Kofi and Woods both attempt dives, but are both caught and slammed into the ring post. Back in the ring, Sheamus gets a near fall on Kofi after a short arm clothesline. Cesaro in with a European uppercut to get another 2 count on Kingston, and The Bar just take turns beating Kofi down, isolating him from Woods. The crowd chants "You're a wanker" at Cesaro. Aussie hospitality! 

Kofi finally creates separation by back body dropping Cesaro to the outside, and makes the hot tag to Xavier! He takes the fight to Cesaro and a tagged in Sheamus, who takes a basement flatliner for a near fall. Sheamus comes back with the Irish Curse backbreaker for a 2. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but gets rolled up for another near fall. Cesaro tags in and hits the Giant Swing into the Sharpshooter. Woods escapes, Sheamus gets involved and takes a Trouble In Paradise from Kofi! He tags in and New Day hits a backstabber/top rope stomp combo for the win!

Winners: New Day (at 9:40)

Star Rating: ***. These guys have had some amazing matches together. This wasn't one of them. Nothing bad, just basic, TV level tag match.

We get a wide shot of the city of Melbourne as Michael Cole sells it as "hip, urban and up-and-coming", which sounds a little like a real estate agent. I mean, Melbourne is cool, but Cole isn't really the guy to give the "coolness" seal of approval.

Match 2: Smackdown Women's Championship- Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch (c)

Feels weird seeing these two in the second match on the card- the spot that essentially led Chris Jericho to walk out of WWE in 2017, feeling disrespected by this spot on the WrestleMania card. They play the hype video for the match after both of their entrances, which is certainly... a choice.

Becky is still meant to be a heel at this stage- we're just pre-"Man"- but massive "Let's Go Becky" chants ring out to start the match. Becky attacks the legs of her larger opponent in the early going. Becky grabs Charlotte by the arm and hurls her to the hard floor outside the ring. Back in the ring, Becky stomps down the challenger. More cheers. Charlotte tries to fight back, but Becky hits a tilt-a-whirl into the Fujiwara armbar- the Jessica Troy special, for those playing at home- but Charlotte eventually powers out of it with a sidewalk slam. 

Charlotte stomps Becky's leg, slowing her down before hitting a series of chops. Becky looks to hit a Bexploder, but Flair blocks and hits a throw of her own. Becky throws Charlotte into the middle turnbuckle, then hits a flying shoulder block from the second rope for a near fall. They trade submission attempts, then Charlotte unloads a big boot for a near fall of her own. They trade strikes. Yay/boo. Charlotte explodes with a Spear for a long 2 count. 

Charlotte goes for a moonsault but Becky gets her knees up! Cradle pin gets Lynch a 2. Charlotte applies a Boston Crab- hey, Jericho isn't in the company anymore, why not take his finish? Becky makes the ropes. She crawls out of the ring and grabs her Smackdown Women's Championship belt. Is she out of here? Cole reminds us of the "champion's advantage"- can't lose the title by DQ or count-out. Charlotte stops Becky from leaving and gets her back in the ring. Charlotte with the Spear, followed by the Figure Eight. Becky grabs the belt while in the hold and hits Charlotte with it, and there's the DQ.

Winner: Charlotte Flair (via DQ) (at 10:50)

Star Rating: ***1/4. This had a lot of back and forth and a lot of intensity, but I hate non-finishes, especially on PPVs. Cole mentioned the upcoming Evolution PPV during this match, kinda giving away that they were building towards the next show. To be fair, Becky vs. Charlotte at Evolution WAS a classic. This was just a nice step in the build towards that.

Post-match, an enraged Charlotte attacks Becky, but she comes back with a clothesline to a roar of approval from the crowd. Bexploder on the floor, followed by a running knee. Big "Becky" chants. I like to think the Aussie crowd played some small role in WWE dropping Becky as a heel and just letting her be The Man.

A quick fade to black, and I'm guessing there was originally an ad there- it's been over 5 years since I was there, cut me some slack- as the announcer introduces Kevin Owens and Elias sitting in the ring. Elias has his guitar and is ready to sing a song. Elias says he's been all over the world, but no one loves him as much as the people right here in Melbourne. He actually gets a good cheer! We understand the universal truth, and that is that WWE stands for Walk With Elias!

KO starts to speak- and gets a big "Owens" chant despite being a heel at this time. He says "we're in a cesspool of a city, I told them Super Showdown should have been in Canada!" Lashley's music interrupts, because we've got a tag team match, playa!

Match 3: Elias & Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley & John Cena

At this stage, Cena has become a "special attraction" performer, and I believe this was the first time we saw Cena with the "now longer than a buzz cut" hair style. The bald spot wasn't quite so bad at this stage.

Lashley & Owens start the match. Well, for about 5 seconds, as Owens opts to tag in Elias. Lashley initially works the arm, then goes high impact with a big shoulder block. A powerslam follows soon after for our first near fall. Owens tags in and clubs Lashley for a moment, but gets dropped with a neckbreaker. Lashley goes for the 10 punches, Elias interrupts and the ref...  just kinda lets it be 2 on 1 for a bit. 

Owens hits a superkick and he and Elias isolate and beat down Lashley. Elias knocks Cena off the apron and KO mocks him. Owens drops Lashley with a DDT for a near fall. Lashley battles back and looks to Spear Elias off the apron, but misses, and the Almighty crashes to the floor! Elias gets him back in the ring and Owens hits a Frog Splash for a long 2 count. 

Lashley comes back with a Spinebuster and makes the hot tag to Cena! The crowd comes to life as Cena goes into the Five Moves of Doom. The AA connects- but wait, Cena's not done! He hits the Lightning Fist- the Sixth Move of Doom- for the win!

Winners: Bobby Lashley & John Cena (at 10:05)

Star Rating: **1/4. About as basic and as house show as it gets. The crowd were happy to see Cena, but damn near went to sleep while Lashley was getting beat up by Elias and KO. Cena came in, played the hits and didn't take a single bump. Good for him.

Post-match, Cena grabs the mic. He says he didn't know what to expect coming back here tonight. "Thank you, WWE is my home and will always be my home." 

The next match is sure to be IICONIC! As Sydney's own (and PWA alumni) Peyton Royce & Billie Kay make their way to the ring for another tag team match (playa). They've got microphones, and talk about how great it is to be back "home". Billie says that their opponents, Asuka & Naomi "aren't too shabby", but Peyton and Billie are, well, you know.

Match 4: The IIconics (Peyton Royce & Billie Kay) vs. Asuka & Naomi

The IIconics are the more established team, and get Naomi down early with double team offense. Asuka tags in and they get the better of Billie with a kick combo. All four ladies face off in the ring, then Asuka and Naomi knock the Aussies to the floor with a double hip attack.

Back in the ring, Billie hits Asuka with a boot behind the referee's back, allowing the legal woman, Peyton, to get back in control. A spin kick earns the IIconics a near fall. Asuka eventually fights out of the corner and rolls up Billie for a 2 count. She blocks a kick and hits a German suplex. Tags on both sides, and it's Naomi on the comeback, cracking Peyton with a Disaster Kick. Naomi hits the split-legged moonsault but Billie breaks up the pin. Asuka takes her out with a missile dropkick. A skirmish outside the ring wipes out Asuka, allowing the IIconics to hit a double team knee strike on Naomi to put this one away!

Winner: The IIconics (at 5:45)

Star Rating: **1/2. Nothing mind-blowing, but despite the star power difference, this had far more energy and crowd involvement than the rather lifeless Lashley/Cena tag from the match before. IIconics were certified babyfaces for the night, but Asuka and Naomi didn't exactly go heel, so it was four fan favourites in a quick fun one. Short and sweet.

We get a video package on the WWE Championship feud between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.

Match 5: WWE Championship- No DQ, No Count Out- AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe

They start the match by brawling in the entranceway. High intensity as Joe has targeted AJ's family in this feud. They briefly get in the ring, then Joe throws Styles out of the ring and over the announce table. Back in the ring, they aggressively trade strikes until Joe boots Styles out of the ring again. Joe then hits a suicide dive, driving Styles into the barricade!

Back in the ring, Joe takes control with a beat down. AJ tries to fight back briefly but gets dropped with an enziguri. Crowd chanting "we want tables"- and despite the stipulation, no sign of any weapons yet. AJ blocks a suplex and hits the Phenomenal Blitz. Moonsault DDT out of the corner gives Styles a near fall! AJ sets up for the Styles Clash, but Joe counters with a slingshot into the corner, followed by a clothesline that turns the champ inside out for a  long 2 count!

AJ tries a moonsault DDT again but is caught in a running powerslam for a near fall. Joe finally grabs a steel chair but Styles dropkicks it into his face! AJ blasts Joe with the chair then sets it up to launch into Joe in the corner, who counters with a uranage on the steel! Near fall. Joe ups the ante by getting a table. Big chair shot to the back of Styles. Joe sets up for a superplex through the table, but Styles counters into an electric chair drop! Both men go through the table sideways in a bit of an awkward landing. Joe seems to have hurt his leg on impact. 

AJ zeroes in on the leg as a point of attack. Styles looks for the Calf Crusher, but Joe counters into the Coquina Clutch! AJ squirms out of the ring to break the hold. Styles delivers a hangman on the ropes, then a springboard 450 to the leg of Joe! They fight to the outside and AJ hits a Phenomenal Forearm off the barricade! Back in the ring, Styles looks for another one but Joe counters into the Coquina Clutch again! As AJ fights the grip, Joe turns it into a sleeper suplex! Near fall.

Joe goes for the Muscle Buster but his knee gives out. AJ goes for a roll up but is reversed into the Coquina Clutch. AJ escapes and locks in the Calf Crusher. Joe writhes in pain and tries to fight out, but ultimately taps!

Winner: AJ Styles (at 23:45)

Star Rating: ****. I remembered this being a highlight of the show live, but it came across even better on a second watch. They didn't lean on the No DQ stipulation too heavily, instead using it as a framework to have a physical brawl which suit the nature of the feud. And the attack on the leg by Styles was smart to negate the size and strength advantage of Joe, which directly led to the finish. High quality pro wrestling from two of the best!

With a loaded card, it's straight to our next match!

Match 6: The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan) vs. The Bella Twins & Ronda Rousey

Corey Graves makes mention of Rousey's history in Melbourne, where she took her first loss in mixed martial arts (knocked out by Holly Holm at UFC 293, a show I was also in attendance for).

After some discussion between Ronda and Nikki over who starts, we begin with Ruby and Nikki as the legal competitors. Nikki scores with a clothesline, then a dropkick. Big spinebuster gets a near fall. Brie tags in and the Bellas hit a double leg sweep for another 2 count. Ruby hits a flatliner and tags in Liv Morgan. Interestingly, Liv is the only competitor in this star-studded match who also wrestled on Elimination Chamber, with everyone else bar Sarah Logan- primarily in a managerial role these days as Valhalla- no longer active in WWE.

Running enziguri gets Liv a two count. Brie comes back with a dropkick and her "Brie Modeeeee!" running knee strike. Nikki tagged back in and the Bellas hit a double slingshot suplex on Liv. Sarah Logan tags in and hits a running knee for a near fall. Quick tag back to Liv, who hits a top rope facebuster for another near fall. The Riott Squad isolate and beat down Nikki. Nikki fights out of the corner with a leaping enziguri and looks to make a tag, but the Riott Squad knock her partners off the apron. 

Finally, Nikki makes the hot tag to Ronda! Judo throws for everyone. Rousey unloads a barrage of strikes on Logan in the corner. Piper's Pit on Logan. The Bellas clear out Ruby and LIv. Ronda sets up for the armbar- but Liv is able to get back in and break it up. Liv and Sarah set up for a double team- but Ronda turns it into a double armbar! Double taps and Rousey finally gets a win in Melbourne!

Winners: The Bella Twins & Ronda Rousey (at 10:05)

Star Rating: **1/2. Simple stuff, an easy night's work for Ronda, and really this whole match was just an excuse to feature Rousey on the card. We did get a couple of seeds planted for what would become Ronda vs. Nikki in the main event of Evolution later that month.

On to the next one!

Match 7: WWE Cruiserweight Championship- Cedric Alexander (c) vs. Buddy Murphy

Buddy enters second in his hometown to a big pop. Buddy has the Aussie flag and plays to the crowd, despite normally being a heel.

Buddy pretends to offer a handshake before blasting Cedric with a flying knee strike! Great near fall in the opening seconds of the match. Alexander rolls to the outside and Murphy hits a flip dive. Crazy air on that one! Back in the ring, a huge Meteora gets another razor close near fall.

Alexander comes back with a boot to the face and a spinning elbow. Murphy rams him into the turnbuckle but he comes back with a superkick! They fight to the top turnbuckle and Cedric hits a Michinoku Driver from there for a near fall! How did Buddy survive that? Cedric hits a flatliner, Buddy rolls to the outside to get a breather, and the champ hits a flip dive of his own! 

Back in the ring, Cedric hits a handspring kick for a near fall. They fight up the turnbuckles again, and Murphy hits a sunset bomb for a close two count. Buddy hits another flying knee strike, then sets up for Murphy's Law, but Cedric rolls through for a near fall. He fires up with a Spanish Fly which almost ends it. Lumbar Check connects- but Buddy kicks out! The crowd roars in approval. Cedric goes for a springboard, but Buddy cracks him with a knee, followed by Murphy's Law- and that does it!

Winner: Buddy Murphy (at 10:35)

Star Rating: ****. That was a crazy sprint of a match, with a red-hot crowd behind their hometown boy. I don't think the Cruiserweight Championship was presented as a bigger deal than this before or after, and a lot of it was down to how urgently Cedric and Buddy wrestled this match. Tons of fun!

Entrances for our all-star six man tag take place. It's very cool to get the reunited Shield doing their iconic walk through the MCG here!

Match 8: Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler vs. The Shield (Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose)

We start with all six men throwing fists in the ring. The Shield clear the ring and the fight spills to the outside. Shield look for the trademark triple powerbomb on Strowman through the announce table, but McIntyre & Ziggler intervene. Back in the ring, Ziggler spikes Rollins with a DDT for an early near fall.

With Reigns and Ambrose down at ringside, the heels isolate and beat down Rollins. Lots of mocking of the illegal Shield members as they drag themselves to the apron, continuing to lay the boots into Rollins. Ziggler wears down Rollins with a sleeper, but Rollins creates separation with a back suplex. McIntyre tags in, but Rollins drops him with a slingblade. Strowman tags in and blasts Reigns and Ambrose off the apron before mowing down Rollins as well!

The beating on Rollins continues until Strowman misses a top rope splash and the hot tag is made to Ambrose! Ambrose picks up the pace and hits a fall away slam on Ziggler. Finisher attempts blocked on both side, then Ambrose hits a Glam Slam for a near fall! That's different.  Mid-ring collision happens as both men attempt running cross bodies. Carnage here! McIntyre tags in and takes a neckbreaker from Ambrose. Tag to Reigns, who levels Drew with a big boot. McIntyre rolls out and takes the Drive By kick. 

Back in the ring, Reigns sets up for the Superman Punch, but accidentally takes out Ambrose with it. He recovers with a sit out powerbomb on McInyre for a near fall, broken up by Ziggler. Rollins back in the mix with a springboard clothesline. Drew sets up the inverted Alabama slam on Rollins, but takes a Superman Punch for a near fall. 

There's a "moment of truth" where the heels and Ambrose are all standing around Rollins and Reigns on the apron. Will Ambrose turn on his brothers- nope, he's gonna fight on! They set up McIntyre for the Shield bomb, but Strowman barrels them all over! Strowman sets up his "choo choo train" run around the ring, but Reigns spears him through the barricade! In the ring, Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds on Ziggler- and it's all over!

Winners: The Shield (at 19:40)

Star Rating: ***3/4. Bit of an underrated gem here. Crazy start, methodical middle, and very hot finish, and also played into the history and dissension between the Shield members, but on this night at least, they remained a united front for a crowd-pleasing finish. Very good stuff.

A video package plays on the Daniel Bryan-Miz rivalry.

Match 9: No 1 Contender's Match- Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz

The Miz gets on the mic and starts to speak about WWE Champion AJ Styles, but Daniel Bryan's music immediately cuts him off. 

Miz immediately attacks the ribs, which were injured the previous week on SmackDown. A gordbuster over the top rope drops Bryan. Miz mocks the "yes" chants but gets cracked with a roundhouse kick. Bryan goes for his running knee finisher, but Miz moves and hits a running knee of his own! Near fall. Miz argues with the ref, then Bryan hits an inside cradle for the 3 count!

Winner: Daniel Bryan (at 2:25)

Star Rating: *1/2. I don't know if the rib injury was legitimate? Bryan took a couple of decent bumps there, but I can't think of any other reason why this match, especially with the feud and stakes, was so short. I actually completely missed this match live as I went to the bathroom following the Shield match, expecting this to run for a good 20 minutes or so. Major disappointment.

Post-match, Bryan celebrates doing the "YES" chants. Not many in the crowd joining him, many shocked and disappointed faces.

Breaking news- AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship, Nov 2nd, at Crown Jewel. Also, Evolution on Oct 28, the first (and to date, only) women's PPV, Evolution. Trish Stratus vs. Alexa Bliss- which never actually happened as Alexa got injured right before the show, sadly.

Main Event: Last Time Ever- Triple H (w/ Shawn Michaels) vs. The Undertaker (w/ Kane)

The competitors and their cornermen all get separate entrances. This eats up about 15 minutes of PPV time. I guess that's why Bryan vs. Miz got 2 mins and change. During introductions, JoJo notes that this match is now No Disqualification.

They trade strikes early and Taker attacks the arm of Triple H, looking for Old School. HHH reverses and looks for Old School himself, but takes a flurry of strikes in the corner for his troubles. Taker hits Old School to a great ovation. Shawn gets involved and runs Taker into the ring post, and Kane goes after HB-Shizzle. Triple H goes after Taker on the outside and throws him into the barricade.

HHH & HBK set up a table, but Taker goes back on the attack with a back body drop on HHH on the floor. Back in the ring, HHH scores with a knee lift and a neckbreaker for a 2 count. They trade strikes and Hunter hits a facebuster for another 2 count. A mild (and generous) "This Is Awesome" chant can be heard from the crowd. 

They fight to the outside again and Taker clears off the announce table. Always found that funny- like "I wanna put you through this table, but I don't want it to hurt too bad". HBK distracts Taker, allowing HHH to get back on top. Taker back drops HHH over the barricade into the crowd. Undertaker chokes Triple H with a cable in the tech area. They fight through the crowd and eventually back to the ring. HHH grabs a steel chair but Taker drops him with a big boot. Taker gets hold of the steel chair and rams it into HHH's ribs. He sets up Hunter on the table outside the ring. HBK tries to run interference but eats a Taker boot. This gives HHH enough time to get off the table. Taker sets up for his big dive over the ropes (no chance at this stage in his career), but Triple H intercepts him with a steel chair to the gut.

Kane grabs HHH, so HBK cracks him with Sweet Chin Music! Kane falls onto the table, so HHH puts him through it with an elbow drop off the apron! HHH climbs the top rope with a steel chair, looking for a mega swing on Taker, but gets caught with a Chokeslam! The Tombstone follows- but Triple H kicks out! A frustrated Undertaker punches out the referee! Taker belts HHH with the steel chair as Shawn looks on in horror. He gets in the ring and gets dropped by a Taker right hand- but the opening allows Triple H to hit a spinebuster. Pedigree follows, we've got a new ref, but Taker kicks out at 2.99!

Triple H puts a chair around Taker's throat and comes off the ropes onto it. Cover, but Kane pulls the ref out of the ring! We reset as Triple H grabs a sledgehammer and Taker grabs a chair. Hunter strikes first, but there's no ref to count the pin. Taker pulls HHH into Hell's Gate (the gogoplata submission)! Triple H presses the sledgehammer handle on Taker's throat to break the hold. 

They slowly get up, Taker throws the sledgehammer aside and hits another chokeslam. Taker sets up for the Tombstone, but HBK hits him with Sweet Chin Music! We also see HBK's bald head for what I'm pretty sure is the first time on TV- not quite a "Sexy Boy" look. Taker doesn't go down though, and looks to come back with a Tombstone on Shawn- but Hunter hits him with the sledgehammer! Another Sweet Chin Music, then the Pedigree, and it's game over.

Winner: Triple H (at 27:35)

Star Rating: ***1/4. I don't think this was nearly as bad as the Crown Jewel debacle a month later. I don't think it needed to be the longest match on the card by a considerable margin, especially when the combined age of everyone involved was 206 years old, and it was definitely slowly paced, but I think there was enough bells and whistles, and big moments in there, to make it work. It came across suitably epic, as it was promoted to be.

Post-match, they shake hands and hug it out as fireworks go off. Then, the Brothers of Destruction attack! Kane drops Michaels with a punch, and Taker hits HHH with a Tombstone. Taker then Chokeslams Shawn through the announce table! DX won the battle, but apparently didn't win the war. The show ends with Taker's music playing.

Overall Thoughts

This show came across a little better on a second watch. The crowd was into it, the venue of the MCG made it seem big-time, as did the amount of star power on the card. My issues with the show are generally the same as they were at the time- the show had very little canon bearing on the weekly WWE product. And of one of the things that did, it only got 2 minutes! In by far the biggest disappointment of the show- Bryan vs. Miz. It felt like the air came out of the stadium after that, and I'm not sure it even came all the way back for the Last Time Ever main event. But it was a big show in a big stadium, with major stars from start to finish. Throw in a handful of high quality matches, and it stands as a strong part of Australia's WWE history.

Overall Score: 8/10

Until next time, take care.


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