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Ric Flair Has Left WWE

Another high-profile departure this morning from WWE, as 2-time Hall of Famer Ric Flair has left the company. Unlike recent releases, Flair was not let go for a "budget cuts" reason, rather he reportedly requested his release from Vince McMahon and it was granted. Flair cited issues with creative as his reasoning for walking away.

The 72 year old Flair was under a non-wrestling contract from the beginning of 2020, making frequent appearances through the "pandemic era" to further the revamping of Randy Orton's Legend Killer character. In early 2021, Ric turned heel on his daughter Charlotte Flair, aligning himself with Lacey Evans in a distasteful romantic storyline until a real-life pregnancy took Lacey off TV.

This is not the first time Flair has exited WWE, first walking away in 1993 to return to WCW, then again in 2008 following WrestleMania 24, where he lost a Career-Threatening match to Shawn Michaels. Although the stipulation of the match stated that Flair would never wrestle again, he would find himself in TNA months later where he would have sporadic matches.

Wishing the Nature Boy all the best in whatever he does next.

By Mick Robson


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