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PWA It's Coming Home Results & Review (29/07/2023)

By Mick Robson

(Image Credit: PWA)

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Just wanted to take a quick moment to dedicate this one to Aussie super fan Kyle Eade, who tragically passed away on Monday morning due to influenza. He was only 23 years old. Kyle could be found at almost every show of note between NSW and Victoria, with unmatched passion and the loudest voice in the room. He was a huge supporter of all things Aussie wrestling, including The Arena Media. RIP my friend, you'll be greatly missed.

With the hiatus of The Arena several months ago, this marks the first PWA review in a while, but rest assured, I've been watching. We left off with the identity of Big Fudge revealed to end the Summer of Fudge show, and in between then, there's been quite a lot happening.

In May, our girl, Jessica Troy was able to right last year's wrong by winning Rumble IV, earning herself a title shot against PWA Champion Ricky South. Ricky said, "no" and that was basically it. Jess then took a detour, being set to face fellow Nations member Jack J Bonza at Requiem For A Tag Team in June. However, Bonza bowed out, and fellow Rogue Army member Caveman Ugg took his place. Although the Arm Collector was able to make Ugg tap to the Fujiwara Armbar, the ref didn't see it due to a Bonza-based distraction, and Ugg picked up the official win, dragging Jess further away from the title.

But fear not! Jess gained entry into a No. 1 Contendership Definitely Not A Money In The Bank Ladder Match! Joining her is the formidable Matt Boyton (why does he keep changing his ring name?) and Ben Braxton, who's had breakout performances this year against the likes of Ricky South & Robbie Eagles. Joining by a number of high level PWA competitors, we can expect carnage in that one.

And speaking of carnage and breakout performances... the eternally wasted Tuckman scored himself a massive Black Label win against Carter Deams last month! The Tuckman is insanely over with PWA audiences, and he looks to ride that momentum to a Soul of PWA Championship shot against Unsocial Jordan. OOH THE TUCKMAN!

Requiem For A Tag Team also saw our tag team Premiership come to an end, as the odd couple of Mick Moretti & Jimmy Townsend overcame Backpain after Jimmy indulged in some Rapscallion-esque behaviour. Now christened "the Joker and the Thief", Mick & Jimmy look to take the PWA Tag Team Championships from the Velocities!

All that to say, it's a very stacked card and I'm excited for this one. All the titles on the line. An Absolutely F**king Not a MITB Match. Let's do this!


Diego delivers the acknowledgement of country, then we go to Andrew Rose & Kris Gale at the commentary desk. Lots of energy from the announcers and the crowd. And we're getting our night started with the former Soul of PWA Champion!

Match 1: Cherry Stephens (w/ PPK) vs. Belinda Pierce

This match is happening because Belinda betrayed Cherry at Requiem, costing her the Soul of PWA Championship. LOVE that Cherry is looking suitably pissed as she enters first, not her usual bubbly self. As usual, it's a bad night to be a member of SMS.

Super hot start by Cherry with a shotgun dropkick! Basement spike rana as the PWA faithful chant "F**k her up, Cherry, f**k her up!" A big knee sends Belinda flying to the outside and Cherry gives chase. Cherry sends Belinda into the ring post- and hey, we have a Bec sighting on FITE! One of my favourite people in the Ausssie wrestling community.

Belinda catches Cherry coming back into the ring with the hangman's DDT. Fitting that such a snake would steal a move from the Viper. Near fall. Moments later, a big spinebuster, and Pierce is firmly in control now. Belinda taunts Cherry, calling her dumb, and hits a backbreaker for another 2 count.

Cherry catches a charging Belinda with a boot and starts a comeback. 619 to the gut. She looks for the springboard tornado DDT, but Pierce drops her on her face. A hot shot and a pair of German suplexes earn Belinda a near fall. Fisherman buster off the turnbuckles gets another long 2. Cherry is set up on the ropes again, she looks to counter with Diamond Dust, but is shrugged off. Belinda charges but her shoulder meets the ring post. Cherry hits a leaping kick to the head, followed by the springboard DDT she was looking for earlier- and it gets a 2! After a struggle, Cherry hits a Gory Bomb into the turnbuckles!

Diamond Dust hits- I think?- looked a bit off, but Cherry victory rolls for a 2 count. Shining Wizard is blocked by Belinda. Belinda looks for the Spear but Cherry counters with the C-Bomb for the 3 count!

Winner: Cherry Stephens (at 11:10)

Great bounce back win for Cherry, showing an increased vicious streak and intensity after losing the Soul of PWA Championship. It wasn't domination, which gives Belinda credibility going forward as well. PPK didn't really factor in at all at ringside, apart from Nikki saying into Kris' microphone that Belinda was "a stupid bitch". Well then! Quality opener, with the crowd highly invested in Cherry Stephens. She's a star.

Post-match, a video plays. "You've been noticed." Cherry Stephens is in Colosseum! Whoa! Cherry and PPK sell this with absolute shock and elation. Hard work pays off!

Match 2: MK+ Ultra (Michael Spencer & Kai Drake) & Tommy Dee vs. Everett Connors, Shay Kassidy & Kingsley

David Streamer announces the latter team as his latest business venture. This is also the full-fledged Black Label debut for Tommy Dee's "rocker" character. I thought he showed great promise as a Green Dingo, and I did catch a little test run at a recent Academy show, so curious to see how it all comes together here.

Tommy and Everett start us off as Streamer grabs a mic at commentary and explains why Everett, Shay & Kingsley make a great team- the synergy in their simultaneous backslide win last show. Tommy puts the boots to Everett before tagging in MK. Spencer with a big clothesline for a 2 count. Spencer hits a flying knee, and Barnaby the teddy bear is thrown in the ring, presumably to break up the pin. Kai in to deliver some wicked strikes of his own.

Shay gets tagged in and fires up on Drake, then Kingsley comes in to land some shots, then Everett scores with a big kick! Stereo suicide dives by Everett, Shay & Kingsley. Tommy and Kingsley legal in the ring due to lucha tag rules. Tommy hits a cool swinging Implant DDT, and the pin is broken up. Nice. Out of nowhere, Kingsley snatches a backslide for the win!

Winners: Everett Connors, Shay Kassidy & Kingsley (at 5:00)

Fun sprint of a match, continues this weird little story of the Backslide Buddies, or whatever they're doing- so last show, the 3 of them were joint winners in a 6 pack challenge. It was strange, and not what I would call good. But we'll see if it plays out into anything worthwhile. If nothing else in this moment, it got a group of talented wrestlers on the show.

Promo video for PWA Emomania, on September 2nd at Liberty Hall. Not a massive fan of emo music, although I don't hate it like Will Kiedis does. Fall Out Boy is okay, I guess... but hey, not everything is made to cater to me and that's alright.

The Tuckman makes his entrance! That's my boy! Crowd loves him too. Unsocial Jordan comes out- after a pause- but he's on crutches! Carter Deams is with him, in his gear. I smell a rat... Jordan is given a mic but is almost drowned out by "F**k you Jordan" chants. I love 18+ shows!

So apparently, Jordan's hurt his knee and can't wrestle. Dripping with insincerity, Jordan says he talked to PWA management, and got Tucky added to the scheduled triple threat up next, making it a four way. One of the opponents is Carter. The next is Sam Osborne! So he's back back? He showed up in the Rumble and at a IWA show, but I thought those were one-offs. Great to see the Prize Bull back at it! And finally... Robbie Eagles!

Match 3: The Tuckman vs. Carter Deams vs. Sam Osborne vs. Robbie Eagles

Tuckman offers his opponents a beer but Carter hits him with a superkick. Robbie starts with chops on Osborne. No easing into this one, huh? Robbie sets up for a dive but Tuckman stops him and offers a beer. Robbie accepts, but Sam and Carter attack them both before the beer bash can get underway. Killjoys.

Carter looks for a scissors kick on Osborne, but the Prize Bull avoids it and hits a shin breaker. Osborne with his backbreaker/T-bone combo on Tuckman for a near fall. Osborne looks for a submission on Deams but Eagles comes in and kicks the hell out of him. Robbie looks for the Turbo Backpack on Tuckman, who counters and hits a Death Valley Driver for a near fall! Fast and furious action here.

Carter in to hit End of Days and a scissors kick on Tuckman. After the kickout, Deams goes straight to the kimura, a hold that's served him well in recent months. Robbie puts Carter in the Ron Miller Special, forcing him to give up the kimura. Osborne puts Tuckman in a kneebar, forcing Eagles to let go of Carter, and everyone's down for a moment.

Robbie looks for a springboard but Carter boots him into the second row. Tuckman hits Osborne with a springboard cutter, then Deams comes out of nowhere with a top rope splash, and Robbie breaks up the count. Carter and Robbie do the "yay/boo" strike exchange, then Robbie hits a Sliced Bread, then a 450 Splash to the leg, but Osborne dumps him right to the outside. He turns around right into a Rock Bottom from Tuckman! Must be the week for stealing The Rock's shit if you're a top tier Aussie wrestler. He covers- and gets the 3 count!

Winner: The Tuckman (at 6:02)

That was wild. Little surprised at how short it was, but if you want to talk about maximising your minutes... that's about the most action packed 6 minutes you're gonna see in a wrestling ring. Huge win for The Tuckman! Last year he was Rookie of the Year, this year he might be Breakout Star of the Year. Awesome stuff.

Match 4: PWA Tag Team Championship- The Joker and the Thief (Mick Moretti & Jimmy Townsend) vs. The Velocities (Paris De Silva & Jude London) (c)

They did it! They got the Wolfmother music! I always wonder how they manage to use licensed music now that they're on FITE, but probably best not to worry about it. Immaculate vibes.

The Velocities rattle Mick early with some rapid fire kick. No games tonight. Mick feints a lock up then slaps Paris in the face. Okay, maybe some games. Jimmy trips Paris up from the outside, then Mick slaps him again and does the "got your nose" trick. Instead of Paris following Mick to the outside, Jude runs across the apron and hits a penalty kick. The Velocities have got smarts as well as the athleticism!

Jimmy in via lucha rules, he takes out Paris with a springboard cross body. Moretti tags back in and hits the Mick Togo. The Joker & The Thief hit a hip toss/neckbreaker combo for a near fall. They've got the team work. Can they make the dream work? Townsend back in with a top rope stomp after Moretti lays the boots in for a bit, and Paris is in trouble. Mick & Jimmy are showing great tag cohesion. A frustrated Jude comes in illegally and is sent back to his corner by the ref.

Slight miscommunication by Jimmy allows a hot tag from Paris to Jude! Jude comes flying in with a rana and a big knee. Poetry in Motion by the Velocities, followed by dual penalty kicks that get a near fall. Jimmy tags Mick but the Velocities throw Mick out and throw Jimmy back into the ring- clever way to use the lucha tag rules to their advantage!

Jimmy looks for his springboard cross body but crashes and burns. He comes back moments later with a bottom rope springboard into a DDT! Nice innovation. Jude becomes the legal man and hits a springboard stunner on Jimmy. Mick tags in and takes on both Velocities. Mick looks for the fisherman buster on Paris, but it's reversed into a stunner. Jimmy becomes legal again and he and Paris trade rapid fire pin attempts. Mick tags back in and they hit a powerbomb/elbow drop combo for a near fall. The synergy!

Big counter DDT by Paris allows another hot tag to Jude, and they come out guns blazing with rapid fire tag offense on Jimmy. Top rope stomp by Jude connects, but Mick breaks up the pin. Mick hits a fisherman buster on Jude and Jimmy goes for the pin- but Paris breaks it up by suplexing Mick onto Jimmy! Wild. Jude hits Mick with a top rope blockbuster on the apron, wiping out Jimmy at ringside in the process. Velocities hit Moretti with the high/low in the ring- but Jimmy stops the ref's hand coming down for 3!

Paris comes out of nowhere with a shooting star press and pins Jimmy- but he kicks out! The Velocities charge at Jimmy in the corner, but Moretti pushes the ref in the way and he gets taken out. Mick passes a chair to Jimmy but Jude smacks him with a Van Daminator. Paris goes up top for the Shooting Star DDT but gets some kind of spirit spat in his face. The Joker and the Thief hit a couple of tandem moves, punctuated by a Townsend moonsault- and that'll do it! New champs!

Winners: The Joker and the Thief (at 16:51)

That was outstanding. Great storytelling in the early going, establishing the evolved character of Townsend especially, and the smarts and experience of the champions. Down the stretch got a bit crazy/balls to the wall, leaving the story out of it a bit, but they brought it back for the finish in an all-action extravaganza! Best thing on the show to this point.

30 Minute Intermission, which means it's time for our musical guest of the evening- Avalanche! They were pretty good. I think I prefer Big Red Fire Truck- but maybe that's just because the lead singer got in the ring at the Rumble show. My judgement may change if this lead singer joins what we've been told is called the "Key To The Card" Ladder Match.

Match 5: Key To The Card Ladder Match- Aaron Jake vs. Matt Boyton vs. Big Brother Billy Preston vs. Ben Braxton vs. Jessica Troy vs. Caveman Ugg

Fists fly early and we get a big boy showdown between Boyton and Ugg. Jess brings in a ladder and it gets booted right back in her face! Boyton and Ugg try to run over Braxton and Jake with the ladder, but they leap over it and dropkick it into their faces! Braxton slams AJ onto the ladder and hits a Lionsault, then Jess wipes him out with a Meteora of sorts into the steel. Of note- the ladder is in the PWA colours of black and green. Nice.

Billy comes in to do the Terry Funk ladder spot, and is halted by Boyton. Jess back to take the fight to the giant man. We get everyone fighting on ladders. Jess clears the way until Braxton gets involved- she kills him with a poison rana then gets her head taken off with an Ugg clothesline! Damn!

Ugg gets annoyed about the ladders not being big/tough enough, so he gets his own super size ladder. He and Boyton trade bombs atop the ladder until AJ pushes them both off. Jess gets back in and bashes Aaron's arm into the ladder. I love that even in a ladder match, Jess is determined to collect arms. Jess looks to climb the ladder, but Ugg simply drags it- and her- away from the centre of the ring. Braxton climbs the other side of the ladder looking for a superplex- holy shit, that would kill her! She fights out of it and pushes Brax off. He does a corkscrew flip as he falls, just to be extra.

Jess ends up back on the mat taking tomahawk chops from Billy. Boyton and Ugg no-sell them and they pin-ball Preston with strikes. Ugg takes out Boyton with a gutwrench slam. Ugg climbs the ladder, but Billy has the giant fist from the old PWA set and knocks Ugg off with it? Who needs the Smackdown Fist when you can have the PWA fist instead? Trevor the Dinosaur gets in the ring and climbs the ladder, but can't get the key with his T-Rex arms. He's met by his mortal enemy Aaron Jake. Trevor pushes him off the ladder. Billy tries to climb to get the key but is powerbombed off the ladder by Aaron.

Aaron climbs the ladder but is chokeslammed off by Boyton. Braxton gets back in the fray. They trade strikes and Brax sends Boyton out of the ring with a Claymore. Braxton climbs up the ladder but is pushed off the top by Ugg- Braxton front flips to the outside in his bump and may have cracked his head on the apron on the way down! Scary stuff.

Jess meets Ugg on the ladder and applies the Fujiwara armbar through the ladder! Ugg drops and Jess leaps off the ladder and spikes him with a DDT! The path is clear... and she's done it!

Winner: Jessica Troy (at 17:55)

Back to back outstanding matches. It was laid out in a way where everyone had a moment to shine- even Billy Preston with the comic relief. The comedy spots were hit and miss for me in such a high stakes match, but I loved the PWA fist callback. And by far the correct winner. I hope Braxton is okay though.

Will Kiedis makes his entrance... and Charli Evans attacks him during it! Oh shit, it's on!

Match 6: Will Kiedis vs. Charli Evans

Charli chops Kiedis around ringside. He tries to return fire but chops the ring post instead. Kiedis gets a shot in and sits Charli on a ringside chair. He laps the ring looking for a running strike, but takes a clothesline from Evans before being thrown in the ring to officially start the match.

Charli hits an immediate Gory Bomb for a near fall. Kiedis comes back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Kiedis stands on Evans and yells, "down with emos!" He charges at Charli but is launched head-first into the turnbuckle, then takes a facewash boot. Charli hits a great bridging fisherman suplex for a near fall. Charli runs the ropes but takes a boot in the head from Kiedis. Unprettier connects for a near fall.

Kiedis seems perturbed by the "Let's go Charli" chants from Liberty Hall. He tries to take the turnbuckle pad off but Charli stops him. Kiedis tries to run but Charli catches him in the ropes with a neckbreaker. Charli tries a back suplex, but Kiedis turns it into a sunset flip of sort- with feet on the ropes for the tainted victory.

Winner: Will Kiedis (at 4:17)

Not much to this one. Felt like a bit of a buffer- both in terms of this show, being a buffer between bigger matches- and also in terms of the feud, with all signs pointing towards more of a pay-off at PWA Emomania in September. Think the crowd was coming down a bit after the previous 2 big matches and the energetic intermission.

Charli argues with the ref over the feet being on the ropes, so Will comes back and attacks her, putting her out with a Shining Wizard. DJ Big Fudge from AM/PM (who's involved in the Emomania event) is called out of the crowd by Kiedis, so he gets in the ring and Will boots him in the nuts. He spits on Fudge and Chari and leaves. All class, cranking up the heat for Emomania.

Hang on, Charli's grabbing a mic. "I have had enough of your shit, Will Kiedis," she says. She's gonna find two other emos, "you find two other dickheads" for the main event of Emomania. All right then!

Main Event: PWA Heavyweight Championship- Jack J Bonza vs. Ricky South (c)

They shake hands, the Code of Honor has been adhered to... wait, wrong company. But sportsman-like to start, we'll see how long that lasts. They lock up, side headlock, shoot off the ropes, shoulder blocks on both sides, neither man goes down. Evenly matched here.

They trade forearms. Ricky hits a clothesline in the corner. Bonza returns fire with a running elbow in the corner. Bonza drops the champ with a big boot. Rose & Gale tout the strength of both men. Bonza drops South with a single chop, South returns the favour with a back elbow.

Ricky looks for the Flamingo Driver but Bonza gets out of it by torquing the hand. Bonza leaps at Ricky and looks to be applying a flying guillotine, but the champ reverses with a northern lights suplex. Great display of power by Ricky being the base for that move. Near fall. Ricky mocks Jess by doing her signature skip while chopping Bonza. Rude! Bonza returns fire with a German suplex for a near fall of his own.

They trade chops again and Bonza catches Ricky's arm and stomps all over it. Ricky fights back and they tumble to the outside in a vertical suplex position, but land on their feet, allowing Bonza to connect with the suplex on the outside! They fight through Liberty Hall to the merch area, then Bonza cannonballs off a railing through South!

Back in the ring, Bonza sets up for the Napalm Thunder Driver, but Ricky hits an inside cradle for a good near fall. Bonza with a seatbelt pin for a long 2 count. Bonza hits the Command And Conquer- gator roll into a suplex into the turnbuckles- followed by a massive clothesline for another near fall. Extremely hard-hitting stuff here!

The fight spills to the apron. Bonza looks to German suplex South into the 3rd row, but Ricky hits a low blow that Referee Hannah misses. This allows him to piledrive Bonza on the apron! That's a scary one. Back in the ring, Emerald Flowsion gets a 2 count for the champ. Bonza looks to come back with his Napalm Thunder Driver, it's blocked, so he uses Ricky's piledriver finisher against him! Kick out!

Bonza looks to wipe out South with a clothesline in the corner- but takes out Referee Hannah instead! Ricky looks to get the advantage with a steel chair, but Bonza low blows him! They're trying to out-cheat each other. Bonza hits him with the chair a few times then sets it up in the corner- but it's Ricky that hurls him head-first through it! Ricky hits the Flamingo Driver as the ref comes to- but Bonza kicks out!

RIcky sets up Bonza on the ropes again and looks for a super piledriver, but Bonza blocks it. He hits a top rope Michinoku Driver! 1... 2... and the champ kicks out! They slowly get up, still trading strikes. Ricky hits a southern lariat, then the piledriver... but Bonza kicks out at 1! Straitjacket piledriver... and Bonza kicks out at 2! Extra rebound off the ropes for Ricky, smashing Bonza with the lariat... and finally, mercifully... gets the 3 count.

Winner: Ricky South (at 21:52)

That was a war. An absolute epic. I wasn't sure how well a heel vs. heel main event would work... have them beat seven shades of shit out of each other, that's how you make it work. Jack J Bonza and Ricky South gave this match everything they physically could and then some. Absolutely fantastic. The entire thing felt like a game of one-upmanship- who can hit harder, who can take the harder hits, who can cheat better, who can think of the best way to annihilate their opponent.

Post match, Jessica Troy's music hits! She walks out with her Key To The Card! Ricky, slumped in the corner, grabs the mic and says, "do it, prove you're not worthy". Jess takes the mic and says, "I'll see you at Colosseum". Huge!

Overall Thoughts

I couldn't attend this show, I had other commitments, and even stumbling across spoilers in the 24 hours since, I still experienced a hell of a rollercoaster ride watching it all back the next day on FITE. PWA knocked it out of the park with 3 of their top matches, and even though they pulled a "card subject to change" with Jordan vs. Tuckman, the Plan B still worked damn well in building Tuckman's star even more. PWA were firing on all cylinders here. Jess vs. Ricky is a huge match for Colosseum weekend, and the uber-talented Cherry Stephens is an excellent choice as a Colosseum tournament entrant. Loved this show and am looking forward to more to come! Bring on that weekend of wrestling in October!

Overall Score: 9/10

Until next time, take care.


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